Affordable LTE Smartphone with Amazing Features

admin | July 2, 2015 | Smartphone

Some people really want android for their smartphone. If you are one of them, definitely need some references. There are actually some famous brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, and others. However, they actually do not offer smartphone in affordable price. It is true that the price comes with features. However, there is another brand that you may not notice offering amazing features in cheaper price. It is known as Dooge. This smartphone is quite powerful for its specification. It is even comparable to other newest devices from famous brands. Here will be presented some detailed specifications about this phone.

Based on MTK chipset, this smartphone is similar to Lenovo or Asus. As new smartphone, it carries x64 bit processor which means it is advanced smartphone. Older phones are still based on x32 bit, and by embedding such processor will create visible difference in performance. The memory capacity is also improved to the chipset.  Unfortunately, it is not really visible since the drive for main memory is just around 16GB. Indeed, it seems big for a smartphone, but it has not shown its true potential. Such smartphone using that chip can be enhanced into more than 64GB memory in a device. If you are interested in this powerful device, you can find this product on Gearbest with free shipping.

Still talking about its features, its processor speed is around 1.3 hertz quad core. Be aware that not all cores can be clocked at that rate. Only one pair has such power while the other pair is usually rated at 700 MHz for lower process. Some features that will make you happy are the presence of OTG for connecting your flash drive to this smartphone. Works will be more portable and accessible due to this feature. Another excellent feature that you cannot miss is HotKnot. Basically it is NFC version of MTK chipset. It allows the owner to purchase some things in designated place using registered phone. That way, you do not have to use your credit card because HotKnot will do it for you instead.

Powered with 2GB ram, many tasks can be done at once. After root, this phone really can fly because there is no more limitation for its performance. If those features are not still enough, this smartphone can browse on LTE network. All of those features are only priced at $120. It is definitely an offer that will be beneficial for you. More LTE Smartphone can be found on

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